Porn is instantly available to anyone with a computer, cell phone, iPad or a broadband connection.

Millions are suffering the destruction and heartbreak that porn delivers. Christians are no more immune to this scourge than the world, and it is the whispered secret of churches that pews are filled with men AND women who have a porn habit. Marriages, families, communities and churches are being eaten from the inside out by the cancer of porn.

In this guide you'll find:

  • How big is the porn problem? Are Christians affected?
  • Is porn a male issue? Are women into porn?
  • Whose fault is your porn problem? The truth about porn and sexuality
  • How do good people end up ruined by porn?
  • Real answers from real people about porn
  • How porn affects kids, singles and marriages, porn in the marriage bed
  • How porn affects churches, what God says about porn
  • The signs that someone is viewing porn, how to check for porn
  • How to confront your husband, wife or kids about porn
  • Helping someone who has a porn problem, helping your own porn problem
  • How to block porn from a computer
  • How to have victory over a porn problem
  • How to make real change in your life

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Computer Monitoring & Porn Blocking Software I Recommend:

Click on a porn blocking and computer control software below to see more about it or to purchase*:
  • iShield Plus
  • Covenant Eyes
  • Safe Eyes
  • Net Nanny

iShield Plus

iShield Plus® is an complete Parental Control solution for protection against computer-based pornography and illegal web content. iShield Plus allows you to control Internet surfing times and determine which software applications are OK to run.

iShield Plus also monitors Internet Communications and safeguards personal information. Incident Reports document potential problems for your review. iShield Plus is designed for ease of use and can be set up for individual members of the family with minimal fuss.

iShield Plus has the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive Pornography Detection
  • Monitors Internet Chat and IM
  • Monitors Application Usage
  • Disk Drive Scanning
  • Customizable Protection Modes
  • Detailed Productivity Reports
  • Create Internet Use Time Restrictions
  • Multiple PC User License
  • Email alerts keep you informed

I highly recommend iShield Plus and it is one of my favorite computer-control software choices. 

Click here to download iShield Plus and start blocking porn now!

Covenant Eyes

With so many inappropriate websites and Internet temptations, what we do on-line impacts our lives off-line. Covenant Eyes provides Internet solutions to protect your integrity on-line.

  • Internet Accountability:
    Don't just block the bad stuff. Accountability is about being open with friends or family about what we do online. Covenant Eyes has been changing hearts since 2000.
  • Internet Filtering:
    As a parent, you need the appropriate parental controls to protect your children's eyes. The Covenant Eyes Filter will help you fine-tune your approach to protecting your kids online.

Accountability really adds another dimension to battling porn. My best friends, Pastor, and fellow teachers are my accountability partners. Do you think I want them getting a report that I'm looking at a porn site? Uh... no.

Click here to sign up for Covenant Eyes!

Safe Eyes

What are "Parental Controls"?
"Parental Controls" is a term that has been widely used to describe tools that allow parents to choose appropriate content for their children. Parental-control software has been developed for everything from TV to the Internet. Safe Eyes falls in the latter category of Internet parental-control software. Safe eyes is a flexible set of tools that allows anyone to determine the type Internet usage that is appropriate.

Safe Eyes Parental-Control Software Includes:

1. Content Controls - Flexible content control allows you to select the types of websites that are appropriate.
2. Program Controls - Control Instant Messengers, P2P File Sharing, and other harmful programs.
3. Time Controls - Control the amount of time spent on-line, and the times when the internet is available.
4. Usage Logging - Create and review logs of websites visited, programs used on the Internet, and Instant Messaging Chats.
5. Usage Alerts - Be notified instantly via email, text message, or phone call when someone visits inappropriate websites.

Parental-Control Software For Website Content

There are many different types of websites that can be potentially harmful to children. With 35 categories, this parental-control software gives you the ability to fine-tune access to websites and ensure that harmful content is blocked. This effective Internet control will ensure that your children are protected whenever they go on-line.

Instant Messaging Parental-Control Software

Whether you are interested in blocking Instant Messaging or just monitoring who your children are chatting with, Safe Eyes parental-control software helps you accomplish the task with ease. The parental controls allow you to monitor Yahoo!, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, and MSN Instant Messenger.

Control Time Spent On-line with Safe Eyes Parental-Control Software

The Internet can be a great resource for homework, research projects, and fun activities. But it can be easy to get sidetracked playing games or watching videos on-line. Our parental controls allow you to specify the amount of time that can be spent on-line, and the times of the day when the Internet is available.

Click here to get Safe Eyes...

Net Nanny

Internet Filtering
Net Nanny can block not only pornography, but hate sites, questionable chat rooms, and other dangers of the Internet. You can configure Net Nanny to block on-line game and gambling sites, and even make it so your children can only install and play computer games with parental ratings that you deem appropriate.

Other great filter and monitoring features:

  • Profanity Masking Feature
  • Social Networking
  • Bypass Blocking
  • Search Terms
  • View conversations for web-based IM like Facebook, Meebo, and MySpace
  • Receive email notifications in real-time, hourly, daily, or even weekly
  • Block uploading of pictures
  • Keyword blocking lets you decide if kids should see pages with specific words
  • Block posting/commenting on Blogs and Forums

Click here to sign up for Net Nanny and stop porn now!

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