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  • Happily married
  • Eight children - two from Guatemala, one from Ethiopia, one from Marshall Islands, four bio
  • A Christian for 35+ years
  • Pastor of Straightway Bible Church
  • Have several blogs with tens of thousands of readers
  • Author of many books and publisher of various magazines
  • Have taught, spoke, preached and trained for over 20 years
  • Counseled, mentored & advised about business and relationships for many years
  • Enjoy tennis, art, music, camping and family activities

Summary of Experience & Background

  • Over 25 years in commercial/graphic design; electronic and print
  • Over 15 years in IT, networking & web development
  • Nationally published graphic design author
  • Author of several books: personal finance, Bible teaching & answers, biographies, etc.
  • Published author; hundreds of thousands of online readers over the years
  • Publisher/Editor/Owner – SeriousLife Magazine  - single issues with over one million views
  • Owner – Tulsa Design Works, Inc.
  • Owner - LinkyTools.com
  • Allied Reliability – Director of Marketing and Internet Initiatives 
  • Director of IT and Technologies – Directional Media Solutions
  • Vice President of Production and Technology; co-creator – High School Sports The Magazine
  • Director of Operations – PGS, Inc in Tulsa, OK
  • TulsaEpages, LLC- VP of Operations and Technology
  • Noria Corporation - Technology Director; Website & Information Systems
  • Surgical Instrument Service – Dir. Of Marketing & Technology
  • Senior Graphics & Technical Instructor - New Horizons Computer Learning Center
  • CEO - DesignR Professional Services
  • Graphic Design & Presentation - Lockheed Corp./Space Shuttle Program (29 Launches)
  • Art Director - McCleod & Assoc.
  • US Army Drill Sgt, Veteran (Gulf War)
  • Kenpo – Black Belt

Experience & Skill Set

  • 25+ years of management/leadership experience with the typical responsibilities related to training, administration, personnel, staffing & business systems ranging from trainer, Drill Sgt, directorships, vice president and executive positions.
  • Graphic Design & Photography - Commercial art, graphic design and creative development have been the staple of my professional career. You can find my portfolio online at: www.brentriggs.com My experience covers the entire spectrum of design needs for a business: print, electronic and promotional. Highlights:
  • Senior Graphics Instructor - Trainer
  • Adobe Certified Expert & Trainer - Adobe Products
  • Nationally published graphics author/trainer – Corel Products
  • Experienced print & internet photographer
  • Technical Illustrator

A few of my clients: Tampa International Airport, City of Claremore, Eastland Baptist Church, U.S. Space Shuttle Program, Corel Magazine, Schlumberger, Maxwell Industrial Design, Ringe Media Corp, Richard Petty Election Campaign, U.S. Army, American Airlines, Sabre, TORO, Surgical Instrument Service, O.Z. Gettney, Tulsa University, University of Oklahoma, Bill Sczymscyk-Producer of the Eagles Grammy Records, Orca Inc., Noria Corporation, Diagnetics Inc, Spectrum Paint Company, Heartland College, Bacone College, Proven Solutions, Pepper's Grill, Finn's, GTR News, Fluitec, Braden Filters, PGS, Cantrell Communications, PanOak, Lexus, Chevrolet, Tulsa Bible Church, Dr. John Barnett, DRB Industries and Clear Channel Radio

  • Certified Internet Web Developer
    • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, #453559
    • MCT/MCP + Internet
    • Network+ Professional Certification
    • Programming skills: Active Server Pages, SQL, VBScript, ADO
    • DreamWeaver, SQL Enterprise, IIS
    • Specializing in database driven, content-management systems, interactive web application sites built on an IIS, ASP, VBscript, Javascript, SQL foundation
  • Extensive experience with marketing, SEO & SEM
  • Information Technology:
    • Certified Senior Applications Instructor/Trainer
    • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, #453559
    • Microsoft Certified Training Professional – Systems & Internet
    • Network+ Hardware Professional Certification
    • SQL Server Database Administrator and Programmer
    • Exchange Server Administrator
    • Novell Certified Network Administrator
    • Senior Technical Instructor
    • Quickbooks – Expert user, over 15 yrs experience
    • Inventory systems – implementation, support & training

Professional Expertise:



Marketing, marketing, marketing... it's all about marketing.

Marketing is telling your story clearly and remarkably to as many of the right people as possible.

Marketing involves design, communication, business experience, leveraging technology... and packaging it all in a way that sets you apart from the average. It's far more than logos and copywriting. It's a mindset about your business.

First and foremost, I am a MARKETER. Over two decades of business, design and technology experience allow me to bring a broad and cohesive power to my marketing vision. While most people must rely on separate individuals for design, artistic creativity, communications, technology as well as adding a "marketing person" to combine it all... I've been blessed with opportunity and experience to have all this flow out of one mind. Because of that, I have a rare perspective: I can see how all aspects of marketing inter-connect and work together as a whole.

It is this blend of professional skills and experience that gives me a truly unique ability to help others tell their story in a remarkable way.

Visual Design


I have been doing professional visual design for over 25 years. Layout, formatting, graphics, covers, sales pages, web pages, blog design, book design, sales collateral, logos, billboards, booth design... just about any type of design you can think of. Remarkable, clean, powerful visual appeal is my hallmark.

My strongest attribute is to listen to a client's vision, evaluate it through my experience in business and marketing - then bring to life a visual design (branding, graphics, logos, photography, etc) that best communicates that vision to their market.

Functional Design


A great looking project is ineffective without excellent structural and functional design. Functional design is important to all aspects of creative work:

  • Building a website correctly and to industry standards with clean code and well planned infrastructure
  • A print project put together efficiently and cleanly with the correct software, ready for the printing and production process
  • A complex Word, Powerpoint or Excel document created using the correct functions and techniques so the document is usable and functional
  • Sales letters and copywriting with the correct format and structure for the most professional result

Clean, properly constructed design is essential to excellent presentation, easy management and trouble free revisions.

Internet Presence


The Internet offers endless opportunity to increase your presence and exposure to both business and the public. While one person cannot possibly be an expert in all things "Internet", here are the areas that I have extensive experience and expertise:

  • Websites & Blogs
  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
  • Social Media - Facebook, Twitter
  • Internet Marketing
  • Email Subscription Lists & Campaigns

For over a decade, I have helped people leverage the Internet both professionally and personally. I can examine and evaluate your business, product or idea and help you determine the possibilities that exist online.


Being creative or technically proficient does not automatically mean the best design,  the most effective marketing plan or the best functional approach is a given. 25 years of business experience gives me a full understanding how businesses are built and grown.  I've driven marketing, online presence and branding for many types of businesses: sales, medical, small retail, construction, professional, etc.

  • Various positions of operation and leadership ranging from operations, marketing, information systems, development and design.
  • Owned my own businesses for over 15 years
  • Started many businesses from the ground up
  • Help positions at all levels of business from employee to top leadership
  • Have developed a very wide range of business experience from clients across numerous industries and of varying sizes
  • 20+ of management/leadership experience with the typical responsibilities related to administration, personnel, staffing & business systems



As a nationally published author - both traditional and self-published - I have been writing and communicating publically for over a decade. I have written literally millions of words in marketing collateral, on web pages and blogs, in books and magazines, articles, stories, email and sales materials.  New company names, taglines, concise descriptions, marketing themes... I've developed countless communication and branding ideas for businesses.

Effective writing, professional communication, remarkable verbal imagery is rare today and sets apart the excellent from the average.

I can help you create new content or evaluate/rework your existing content. Writing and communication is perhaps what I am most passionate about.

See my entire portfolio here...